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Results of the Slender Fit U ® hCG weight loss program!

These are actual Slender Fit U clients!

Clients’ before and after photos and testimonial statements on this site are used with their written permission. These results are typical if the program is followed correctly. There is no guarantee, actual or implied, that your results will be the same as those of any other client.


Jeff lost 38 lbs in 46 days

I’m pleased to say, I feel amazing. In fact, I feel as if I’ve regained my youth (and looking back I’m around the weight I was 15 years ago so I kind of have). My energy is much better, my general outlook on life is so much better. I didn’t realize just what that weight was doing to me both physically and mentally but I get it now because I feel AWESOME! ~ Jeff


Jessica lost 20 lbs in 46 days

Whatever size you are and if you are having a hard time shedding inches this is the diet that will do it for you! It completely works! I lost 20 pounds in 46 days. I was not hungry and I did not have to do any exercise. I did the diet from Thanksgiving through the New Year, and I even took five days off the program for a vacation to Mexico. I lost over 15 inches and my body fat percentage went down almost 4%. I went from a tight size 4 to a loose size 2. I am now in the stabilization period and loving the process and the new body. I would NEVER have been able to achieve this without the HCG diet, the guidance and support from my friend at work that shared her experience with me, and Geri and Donna’s advise and support!!!  ~ Jessica


Jesse lost 46 lbs in 46 days

Since completing the program, I feel stronger, more focused, and more driven.  My self-esteem has risen and I am most pleased with the results.  For losing weight and fat, I highly recommend this program! ~ Jesse


Tarek lost 33 lbs in 46 days

Thank you Slender Fit U team for helping me achieve my goal of losing weight.  It has been a great experience.  I will definitely send friends and family your way!  Thanks again!
 ~ Tarek


Jen lost 40 lbs in 46 days

I participated in Slender Fit U for 6 weeks and lost 40 lbs.  The program was easy to follow!  The office staff was supportive and wonderful.  Commit to the process and you’ll  get the results you desire.  ~ Jen


Susan lost 33 lbs in 46 days

Slender Fit U absolutely changed my life.  I was hesitant initially but thanks to my sisters and seeing their results I decided to try it.  The program was easy to follow, it's a commitment but well worth it.  The staff was helpful and attentive to my needs.  This process has been a life changing experience.  I was on the program for 46 days and lost 33 pounds and 26.5 inches.  Since then, I have lost 19 more pounds and life hasn’t been better.  Thanks again to Slender Fit U, I feel like a new person ~ Susan


Tony lost 70 lbs in 12 weeks

Thank you Slender Fit for helping me get healthy and thin at age 65.  I went from a size XXL with a 42 waist to small/medium with a 32 waist.  I have a new more complete and self confident lifestyle ~ Tony

Elizabeth lost 31 lbs in 46 days

Slender Fit U answered all of my questions and granted my wish to be in better shape. They were easy to talk to and gave me amazing advice at every appointment. Constantly seeing results forced me to be dedicated. Being on this program will forever be one of my best decisions. ~ Elizabeth


Dennis lost 25 lbs in 23 days

I shopped around and heard pitches from many different weight loss plans and programs. Slender Fit U seemed to be the best weight loss option for my lifestyle. With Slender Fit U,

I got to choose my foods to eat. Down 25 pounds and feelin’ slender! ~ Dennis


Nancy lost 25 lbs 46 days

I have to say this has been the most successful plan for weight loss I have ever done! The total support of Geri and Donna made my 25 pound loss truly simple, and they were always there to answer all of my questions and guide me successfully thought the program. I can’t thank you enough!! Slender Fit U rocks!! ~ Nancy


Gisele lost 27 lbs in 46 days

My experience with Slender Fit U was amazing. The staff has been extremely attentive and professional. My success with weight loss on the program was mind blowing. I would not have been able to loose this much weight so quickly on my own!

~ Gisele


Carolina lost 25 lbs in 46 days

My experience with Slender Fit U and their  HCG program has been very rewarding. I was at a point where I felt that anything I ate was becoming stored fat. To have lost 25 plus pounds of fat alone is incredible. It was not an easy task but definitely worth it! ~ Carolina


Harry lost 35 lbs in 46 days

This was amazing and I couldn't be any happier with the results. I lost 35 pounds in less than 2 months and I feel great. All other diet programs didn't work for me but this one did. Thank you Slender Fit U! 



Rosa lost 30 lbs in 46 days

I’ve tried so many different diets with no success until I met Geri and Donna at Slender Fit U. They have changed my life and my eating habits. It’s been such a great experience! I feel good and I love my new healthy lifestyle. Slender Fit U has helped me become the new slender, fit woman I am. I’m so grateful to both Geri and Donna. They’re amazing. I recommend this program to everyone. A million thanks girls! ~ Rosa


Michele lost 22 lbs in 46 days

 I am thrilled with my results and how much better I feel. I have not done a clean eating or drinking program like this before, and hope I can continue to eat and drink in moderation and maintain my new weight goals!~ Michele


Nicole lost 29 lbs in 46 days

The program was super easy to follow and the results began immediately. It was so motivating to see a loss of 1 to 2 pounds each morning. I feel great to have lost all my “baby weight” and then some. It’s time to go shopping!. ~ Nicole


Gloribel lost 17 lbs in 23 days

My experience has been perfect. Very easy to follow the instructions. I feel amazing.

Mi experiencia a side perfecta. Las instruciones fueron faciles de seguir. Me siento super feliz.

~ Gloribel


Jessica lost 38 pounds in 46 days

I have tried so many different programs and they never worked. Slender Fit U showed me the results I wanted and I got the results quick! I finally feel better about myself, inside and out. This program works and the staff are so supportive! Thank you so much!. ~ Jessica


Laura lost 20 lbs in 46 days

The hCG program is better than I could have imagined! My results were shocking in that I lost stored weight that's been annoying me for a few years. After half-hardheartedly trying different diets and exercises. I needed a fast healthy lifestyle change to motivate me. Slender Fit U- you delivered just that. to be clear, it was hard work, took A LOT of strength, obedience and will power but the staff were extremely helpful and always available for me to answer questions. I highly recommend :)   ~ Laura

Sandra lost 24 pounds in 46 days

Thank you Slender Fit U! I finally feel and look great. ~ Sandra


Flavio lost 30 lbs in 46 days

II feel great, better than in my 30’s. SlenderFit U ‘s results are amazing!” ~ Flavio


Donna lost 27 lbs in 46 days

This program is the only program that has worked for me. I’ve tried just about all diets on the market. What is remarkable about this program is that it helps you to see food differently and also changes your relationship with food. The most amazing part of the diet for me is that it is not a “diet”, but a relationship with food. I lost a lot of inches, not just pounds which is an amazing aspect of the diet. ~ Donna


Alexis lost 17 lbs in 23 days

This program was easy to follow and the results were impressively amazing"~Alexis


Noris lost 32 pounds in 46 days

From the very beginning I felt comfortable and confident talking about my fears and challenges concerning my past weight gain. I can now say that I am confident and I feel wonderful. ~ Noris


Scott lost 21 pounds in 23 days

This was the easiest way to shed the pounds the gym couldn’t get. 3 weeks flew by and I was never hungry or craving the junk food I gave up. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Slender Fit U! Get the cookbook and this becomes fun.~ Scott

Gabriella lost 118 lbs in 24 weeks

I feel great, the first few days were an adjustment, but after my first week I was perfect. I was losing a lot of weight and had a lot of energy. I did my part and hCG WORKED. I am so happy and so is my family :):) ~ Gabriella


Luis lost 36 pounds in 46 days

I had a wonderful educational experience. I felt I learned about nutrition. I lost weight extremely fast. My friends and family were shocked of how much weight I had lost. I went from a 36 to a loose fitting 32. I feel great and I feel I’ve learned to eat smarter. Everyone was very helpful answering all my questions anytime. VIP style service! ~ Luis


Jaqueline lost 36 pounds in 46 days

8 years after the completion of my collegiate athletic career, I found myself at a weight and body shape that I was no longer comfortable with. Following my initial consultation, Geri and team instilled a confidence in the program and myself that could not fail. The results have been phenomenal and I cannot wait to start round 2. The program is easy to follow and I could not ask for better people to work with. ~ Jacqueline


Robert lost 33 pounds in 46 days

It feels great!! My weight was a challenge for years, and now I’m feeling so proud of reaching this goal. Thanks Slender Fit U!! ~ Robert


Carla lost 16 pounds in 23 days

Fantastic program and I'm so happy with my results! ~ Carla


Giovanni lost 46 pounds in 46 days

The product is amazing and it was my pleasure to believe in your program. It was by far the easiest most efficient weight loss program I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I recommend this product to anyone that wants to achieve their weight loss goals. ~ Giovanni


Gwendolyn lost 15 pounds in 23 days

Sexy at 50 is truly who I am now thanks to Slender Fit U. I feel and look amazing. I tried other methods to lose the weight and inches to no avail. At 5’9”, I found it quite easy to hide the unwanted weight and the pooch! Now I am even more excited to be 50 and look very much like I did when I was 30!! 
~ Gwendolyn


Michael lost 56 pounds in 9 weeks


The program works if you follow it. I believe it was the only way to lose the fat and keep it off. ~ Michael


Karla lost 24 pounds in 23 days

I’m so happy!. ~ Karla


Jeff lost 54 pounds in 9 weeks

I began the program as a skeptic. Once the positive results began my attitude quickly matched the benefits of the steady weight loss. Even with my irregular life-style (I travel 2-3 days a week), I was able to adhere to the program guidelines. The weight loss wasn’t the only benefit. My mental state has improved, energy level improved, mobility improved, sleep patterns improved, mental aptitude improved, etc. I would highly recommend this program to friends who are serious about their health and well being. Thank you Geri and staff, you’ve changed my life for the better and I cannot assign a compliment that quantifies my gratitude. ~ Jeff


Lisa lost 30 pounds in 46 days

Geri and her staff have been so supportive! They always gave me encouragement and made me feel that I can achieve my goal. Feeling SO great after only six weeks has been life changing. Thank you Slender Fit U! ~ Lisa

David lost 53 lbs in 46 days

I feel incredible. I haven't weighed this little in at least a decade. The diet was easy to follow and I lost over 50 pounds. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing a lot of weight. ~ David



Jenny lost 25 pounds in 46 days

Slender Fit U has helped me lose weight quickly and easily. I am very appreciative for the staff’s wonderful support and guidance. I can’t thank the staff of Slender Fit U enough. 
~ Jenny


Vinnie lost 22 lbs in 23 days

I lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks and I feel fantastic! Thanks Slender Fit U



Brenda lost 23 pounds in 46 days

I’m really blessed to have found Slender Fit U! Before I started their program I felt really insecured about myself and thought I would never lose the weight. After finishing the program I’ve lost fat in areas I never thought would go away. Slender Fit U and their wonderful staff really helped me. Thanks guys! 
~ Brenda


Janos lost 50 pounds in 46 days

I feel great!.. Just lost 50 lbs , I can finally tie my shoes again. Thanks Slender Fit U. ~ Janos


Belitza lost 26 lbs in 46 days

Este es un programa maravilloso porque realmente no sufres de hambre y vez los resultados inmediatamente, se lo recomiendo. Quedas con una mentalidad que nunca mas.Tu pierdes de peso, les doy 100% felicitaciones por el programa. 
~ Belitza


Jaime lost 38 lbs in 46 days

El Programa funciono muy bien, a pesar de ser una dieta de 500 calorias, se me hizo muy facil de hacer y los resultados fueron excelentes. ~ Jaime


Jayme lost 24 lbs in 46 days

I had tried lots of diets before, but I have never seen results this quick and it makes you want to keep going. This program was so easy and I was never hungry. I feel so great and think I look pretty good! And it only took 6 weeks! Slender Fit U is Awesome!! ~ Jayme