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Confused About the hCG Diet? Let’s Separate Facts from Fiction

The hCG diet has become very popular lately. It has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and on most major news networks. Why? Because it works!

First of all, what is the hCG diet? It has been used successfully for weight loss since 1953 when a British endocrinologist discovered it’s weight loss effects. It is a very strict diet of certain proteins, fruits and vegetables and the use of a prescription administered by subcutaneous injection called hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin). Small amounts of hCG target the hypothalamus gland within the brain to release fat stores in the body. The trapped fat releases nutrition and calories for use as energy. This released fat feeds the body so dieters don’t experience the hunger and exhaustion that normally accompanies a low calorie diet.

The two things that make the hCG diet popular and different than any other weight loss protocol are you lose FAT from all of the problem areas, and you reset your metabolism thereby having a much easier time keeping it off! Not only do you get rapid weight loss, but there is no loss of muscle, which means no sagging skin. A 2010 study published in The Bariatrician (a journal published by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians) found that individuals lost 30% more weight than individuals on a low calorie diet alone.

Some companies are jumping on the hCG bandwagon and selling homeopathic hCG and hCG online, leading people to believe they are receiving and doing the real hCG diet, when in fact, they are not. There are also a lot of companies adding hCG to their existing weight loss protocols including appetite suppressants, cookies, shakes etc and calling it “the hCG diet” or watering down the hCG and not giving it in the correct dosages. So let’s separate facts from fiction.

First of all, hCG is a prescription medication and can only be prescribed by a physician once a complete physical has been performed. There is no such thing as homeopathic hCG. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin, which is a complex amino-peptide protein, produced during pregnancy. Homeopathic hCG has, at best, trace amounts of hCG in it, if that. Real pharmaceutical hCG cannot be purchased online or over the counter without seeing a physician.

The hCG protocol is very simple, but it must be followed correctly to get the best results. I have put thousands of clients through this program with a 99% success rate and am considered an expert in the field. I have also learned how to adapt the program to achieve the maximum weight loss results for my clients.

Experience and proper guidance throughout any weight loss program is an important factor to getting the best results, but that is particularly so with the hCG diet. It is very scientific and many things that people do that they are not even aware of can slow down or stop the rapid weight loss.

Geri Kelleher is the Founder and Program Director at Slender Fit U with locations in Davie and Coral Springs. For more information, visit or phone them at 954-423-1376


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